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Agreement to Mediate Workplace Conflicts

This discussion and any agreement reached are without prejudice to any party and is a discussion made in pursuit of settlement of the issues. The memorandum of understanding resulting from these discussions is not intended to be a legally-binding document, but rather an expression of the intentions of the parties involved.

Prior to beginning the mediation session, the parties consent to the following:

  1. All pertinent information needs to be fully disclosed. The more open and honest people are during the mediation the greater the possibility of a successful agreement.
  2. All information disclosed during the mediation session will remain confidential, unless stated beforehand.
  3. Given that the mediation process is voluntary, any party or mediator may terminate the mediation proceedings at any time.
  4. If the parties request that the mediator prepare written summaries of the discussion, the hourly rate for mediation will apply to this additional time. Any other services requested by the parties will be charged at a rate discussed with and accepted by the parties.
  5. No party will call the mediator as a witness in litigation or other proceedings. During the mediation process, the mediator represents every party's interests and will not take sides.

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