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An Outline for Participants in the Conflict Assessment Process

The following describes the two-part process I often use to assist with workplace conflict issues. The conflict assessment day provides an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about the issues in your work environment to a neutral third party in a confidential setting. In listening to people's experience, I will be better able to determine whether we should proceed to the next step of mediation. In some situations it is not advisable to meditate, so it is important to assess the appropriateness of mediation. If mediation is advisable, your information will contribute to a list of topics to form our agenda for the mediation. Deciding who will participate in the mediation day will also be discussed.

On the mediation day the session will begin with the participants designing guidelines for how people want to communicate with each other in a respectful manner. Following the agenda, we will discuss each topic with the whole group. The intent is that you will have a chance to be heard and understood, as well as to listen and understand others. From this dialogue, we will craft mutually-acceptable agreements or solutions for each topic. Agreements will include what needs to change, and solutions that all participants agree with to improve your worksite. In the written document, only agreements will be recorded, including champions and action plans with expected dates for completion where appropriate. If we do not have enough time to complete this two-day task, we will reconvene on an agreed day. If no agreement is reached, there will be no written report. Participants will discuss who will receive a copy of the agreement, and agree on its distribution.

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